BoCcast 7: Why Music70?

calabi-yau-originalStrap in guys, we’re getting into some pretty wacky territory here.  Hope you enjoy, hope you find it interesting.  I sure do.

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John Baez on 24 (gets juicy at about 48:00)

10 thoughts on “BoCcast 7: Why Music70?”

  1. Hey Mikey,

    Greetings from Scotland. Loving your work my friend. Can I just point out the obvious one? Mike was born in 70 – too shallow?


  2. ever think it could simply refer to 1970? when they formed the label, that was the ‘sound’ they were into, the NFB sound of the 70s. they seemed to be heavily influenced by the NFB at the start…and as time is in the now (or then in this case)…that is what they were into at the time….that 70’s sound. hence the name music70.

    sometimes the answer is a lot simpler than you might think.

  3. “that time at the beach when we came together for the first time…”

    sixtyniner man….sex. they also used a few of porn samples in tunes. and i believe the sample is form zabriskie point? [perhaps not as i hanvet seen it]. feels like you’re over thinking this stuff.

    you’re hearing what you want to hear.

  4. best one yet, man. I think this sort of peripheral discussion is incredibly interesting.

    pointing out voice snippets is worth listening to. but the sort of mechanics that work as aesthetic inspiration underneath the surface is what’s really fascinating to me. hope we can get into more!

    what I crave is more analysis of the links between these mathematical theories and their musical compositions / structures.

    by the way, I’ve been following this since the first episode. keep up the great work man!

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