BoCcast Episode 5: The Campfire Headphase, Part 1


Hello folks!  Here’s the beginning of my analysis of The Campfire Headphase.  Do enjoy.


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5 thoughts on “BoCcast Episode 5: The Campfire Headphase, Part 1”

  1. Hey Mike!

    Wow, I really enjoyed this first part. So many interesting thoughts and connections. You remind me of myself 20 years ago 🙂 (that’s not meant to sound condescending!)

    Although I can’t hear all the voices you can, there definitely are some that I CAN hear that I hadn’t picked up before. It certainly makes me want to have a much closer listen in a dark silent room with my best headphone set up to see if I can find some of the others you are hearing. However, even when I can’t get the voices/samples, hearing little parts of the songs out of context makes me notice other instrumental parts or tones in completely new ways.

    I also love the reversals you highlight – that to me is totally amazing. What program do you use to reverse the tracks? I really want to try reversing the whole album as you suggested in one of your other episodes.

    I think that listening to your enthusiasm about this album has really just reinforced my own feeling that not only is this my favourite BoC record, it’s actually my favourite record of all time.

    By the way, the female voice in the coda of “Chromakey Dreamcoat” is definitely from the video listed on bocpages, the sample starts at 10.00 into the video:
    (Amazing video, so much in there could be sampled)

    I’m looking forward to listening to part 2 and then your other episodes.


  2. Mike, I was expecting to hear this from you, and did not see a mention of it on bocpages, but there’s a voice which sounds like it is saying “it’s doggone gone!” followed by “Peanut butter!” These two phrases repeat throughout the coda of Chromakey Dreamcoat. Any thoughts or alternate interpretations on this? Thanks!

    1. I hear what you mean, but I don’t really hear what you hear, man. Can’t make it sound like “It’s doggone gone” no matter how hard i try!

      I hear “Thank you” (Pretty quiet aside from the “nec” syllable in one female voice, then “It’s strawberry cream”, in a different female voice,
      then a quick male voice saying “carpenter”
      Then “(They/I) can help you” again, in a staticky, female voice

      Thanks for getting me to listen to this.. pretty interesting… Dunno if I’m ready to give a full interpretation, but it’s definitely a collison of some interesting ideas with undertones both biblical and nostalgic.

      Here’s the audio with the vocals a little more isolated: (originally from the right side around 4:41)

  3. When you were talking about the cover, pointing out that “weird thing on the lower right,” what about the profiled ape-looking face with that eye in the lower left?!

    I know you’re analyzing the audio hear, but you DO often mention images these songs invoke. I would love to here your take on the cover art once you’ve given it some thought, in the context of the music it speaks for of course. Thanks man!

    Sorry to be blowing up your comments, but I just discovered your BOCCAST and can’t resist discussing these guys in light of your commentary. Thanks, Thanks, thanks thankS…


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