BoCcast Episode 3: Tomorrow’s Harvest, Part 2


The conclusion to my analysis of Tomorrow’s Harvest.


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  1. Gotta say I kinda agree and disagree with a lot of your analysis. I think it does have echos of some of the government big brother stuff and perhaps where technology might take us down the wrong path. But I think especially during the latter half of the album we’re not dealing with a record about us as human beings anymore. About the the time of Collapse things go bad for us- thus the change in tone. Things become in-human, modulated otherworldy voices come in. Perhaps it’s the last echos of our dying species or a prediction of what we’ll turn into. Like the cover of the album, there’s the city, and then you see through the city to what the earth will in turn become after whatever our Apocolypse happens to be. I think there’s even evidence of aliens on the album, which when they touch down on earth are more likely to find only traces of what we once were. I kind of floated this theory on BOC’s facebook and got the very rare ‘like’ from them so I figure that’s evidence enough for me.

      1. Yeah the aliens idea is just from what I’d imagine the storyline from 80’s horror films to take us, and suddenly unintelligible languages and voices right after the “Collapse” in Palace Posy -which i feel is the words, maybe religious chanting of the few human survivors, then Split your Infinities, which has a lot of really sounds like your traditional Sci-Fi Alien voices. I have no hard evidence, just a likely plot-line for the story of Earth.

  2. You mentioned the palindromic quality of the tracklist at the end, but you forgot to include Jacquard Causeway in the your assessment, so the ones after that are mismatched, if this makes sense. Perhaps your assessment would change after realizing this, not sure.

    1. Hey, i hear you man, i just couldn’t really fit it in with anything, aside from Uritual, and even then, I don’t see a strong connection. I dont think the palindromic structure is a 1-to-1 rigid sorta thing, so I’m not too concerned with them mismatching, I tend to see collapse-palace posy as being related, sorta inversions of each other in mood, like Out——>In

  3. Uritual seems like a word play on urology and ritual; as far as I am concerned, makes me think of the programming of children made by doctors.

    1. listening on an audio-challenged iphone/ipad/ipod through subpar unamplified headphones, i’d think the same thing duder 🙂 Used to think it was “now god hates all of us” but i’m pretty sure of it now, hit me up on fb if you wanna get deep into it; i’ll try to make some samples just 4 u babe <3

  4. Has anyone read any of the authors they mention in an interview, I believe they mention Dimitry Orlov and James Howard Kunstler. Recently, after being tipped off to them by BOC in that interview, I’ve been reading their work on the collapse of industrial civilization. This has completely altered my view of the album and has given me countless new ways of interpreting it. I find less in the conspiracy theory/FEMA camp/big brother/AI realms and more in the ideas that we’ll have to start from scratch, and in so, determine what is valuable to pass on to future generations. This idea of collapse or whatever you want to call it, really brings in why we are here as humans. When we’re working our ass off just to survive in a post-collapse world, it brings to question why is it worth surviving? What is there to live for beyond just surviving? I think that beyond the 80’s apocolyptic horror movie sensibilities of the album, there are bigger questions being asked.

    1. That’s why it’s probably sound to work now, while the USD you earn is worth more than toilet paper, and put it into Gold, Bitcoin, and maybe agriculture-related stocks ASAP =^> Lotta big infrastructural developments for bitcoin this week, hard not to feel good about its prospects despite the drop in price !!!!

      PS i dunno anything about those authors but it’s always a good idea to read/watch/listen to anything BoC namedrops =^>

  5. Not sure if you know, but Tomorrow’s Harvest is also the name of a store that sells equipment to prepare for an apocalypse. This fits very well with what your analysis – that the album, in the end, is encouraging you to think independently, prepare for the future, and empower yourself. I’d never seen Palace Posy as an ‘out of body’ thing but it’s an interesting meditation. I always saw Collapse to Sundown as the shit hitting the fan and, in a positive message, humanity adapting to this through enlightenment. This fits with ‘splitting your infinities’ and accepting that ‘nothing is real’, the latter of which can be perceived either as a statement on the triviality on everything or the acceptance that there’s no solace in religion and the only solace is in life. The last three tracks to me symbolised how everything repeats itself. It’s been great listening to your analyses, I’d never thought so much about the words they used and always was more interested in the musical themes, so it’s been refreshing to hear this from another mind. Man, I wish I had the time, money, and equipment to make my recordings sound like these guys.

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