BoCcast Episode 9: IABPOITC



Here’s a foray into the more mysterious, occult portion of BoC’s catalog.   It’s very difficult to come away from these tracks with a feeling of solid understanding, but I think I’ve consolidated my thinking, at least on these four tracks, at least for now.

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2 thoughts on “BoCcast Episode 9: IABPOITC”

  1. this episode opened my eyes to something. mikey, you said that you don’t really listen to this EP very much. at first i was shocked, as i think it is among their absolute best work. if it were a full-length album, i have no doubt that it would be my favorite release.

    but then i realized, the secret to BOC’s broad appeal: different people find different reasons to love BOC.

    when i first discovered them around the time this EP came out, it was just cool chill music to listen to with the glitchy Warp sound i was into at the time. then with Geogaddi, i paid more attention to the ambience of their music. finding solace in the mood of their work, often drifting off to sleep while listening. then later it was pointed out to me how layered their music was with hidden voices, backmasking, high concepts, etc. and i was re-interested in everything i had heard up to that point. finding all the hidden pieces became another reason to be into their music.

    i guess my point is, i’m into the darker stuff because the darker stuff is what i was introduced to. and mikey, you said your first exposure was “dayvan cowboy,” a track i was never particularly fond of. but it is much lighter and optimistic feeling so that makes sense that you might not like IABPOITC or say Geogaddi as much.

    this just shows how great BOC is. people of all walks and all moods and demeanors can find something to love.

    keep up the good work man. i look forward to your analysis of Geogaddi. feel free to hit me up about anything. (we’re fb buds)


    1. Yeah totally agree man. I definitely think that every one of their tracks, new and old, is “perfect” in its own way, and it’s tough for me to say that they have a “Best work,” it’s all about personal preference and being in the right mood. I mean, the music’s always good, but I can think of specific instances where my head was in just the right place, and an album really jumped up to the next level for me. 🙂

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