About My Listening Setup


No band necessitates quality audio hardware more than Boards of Canada.  Not just quality headphones, but a quality DAC as well.  I’m currently jamming with some Hifiman HE-400s and a FiiO X3.

The HE-400s are amazing, they bring out all the warm crackle that is the icing on the cake in BoC’s music, and provide a wide soundstage, which is ideal for showcasing the boys’ expertise with the ol’ pan knobs.

The X3 is a fantastic player, it can play most lossless formats and 96/24 audio on the go, and doubles as a USB DAC.  Its amp doesn’t have enough drive to hurt my ears, (which sometimes i sorta want) but it is convenient & portable, and I think it’s going to be a part of my happy lil’ audio family for a good while.

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