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Recycled Sounds

The boys know better than to dump a good sound after just one use–recycled samples are not uncommon in BoC’s body of work, pre-Geogaddi specifically. Certain sounds, from vocal blips to extended loops, pop up in two or more different tracks, sometimes straightforwardly but often with a twist.

Turquoise and Orange Hexagon Sun share a complete drum loop; Whitewater and Sixtyten feature the same Sesame Street sample, though it’s reversed in the latter. And that one whispery flute tune shows up time and again in their work (ATP live track 3, Sixtyniner, website loop, A:B::B:C… etc?).

BoC were never shy about recycling tracks on multiple releases, either, and I think having recurrent elements jives with their early media-nostalgia aesthetic: reruns were just a fact of life in old TV days.

Check it out for yourself. The following are tracks featuring recurrent samples–chronological by each sample’s 1st appearance. Find em and then find all the ones I missed!

  • Random Track A06 / Seven Forty Seven
  • Random Track A08 / June 9th
  • Random Track A12 / Aquarius version 3 (thanks Cuddi)
  • Spectrum / Twoism
  • 5-9-78 / Oirectine
  • BMX Track / Hi Scores
  • Magic Teens / Sixtyten (believe me)
  • On a Rolling Sea / Orange Romeda
  • Turquoise / Orange Hex Sun
  • Sir Prancelot Brainfire / Sixtyniner
  • Seeya Later / Smokes Quantity
  • Telephasic Workshop / Live @ ATP trk 4


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