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I was listening to XYZ while lifting the other day, and it hit me: That final blip at the end, after “Insert Coin”… I always knew it had to mean something, but I cut my workout short and ran to my computer to hit up paulstretch.  I tried to get something intelligible out of it, and this is the best I could come up with.  This is .1 seconds of audio stretched out to about 1 second.  I hear “You’re all we have” or maybe “You’re only half.”

If it’s “You’re all we have,” it seems like it’s a nice subliminal acknowledgement of the importance we fans hold to the band.  Sometimes I feel the same way about them, to be honest.

If it’s “You’re only half,” it’d be a sort of statement on duality.  Body and consciousness.  Gemini.  Split infinities.  Listening to the Peel Session forward, then backward.

What do you hear?  What do you think it means?